PT. Derazona Air Service, also known as Derazona Helicopters is a specialist in Utility Helicopter Service with exceptional record supporting Indonesia's aerial demands for more than 40 years. We are established in 1971, under the provision of Air Operator Certificate 135-010. Since then we've had supported a multitude of missions in the wonderful exotic locations of Indonesia, from filming surfers among the beautiful islands of mentawai all the way to supporting seismic survey activities deep within the jungles of Papua. As a member of Boedihardjo Group, it is our dream to interconnect all the different islands of Indonesia and make it accessible to everyone.

Why Helicopter?

Now the question is, why not? Yes, most people have flown with an airplane, but how many people have ever been in a helicopter? A helicopter is a unique and versatile machine for which there is no equal or substitute.Our highly skilled mechanics are fully capable of changing one complex component or even an entire engine in the field.

Heavy duty? Check.

One known fact is that helicopters are fundamentally safer than airplanes. When it comes to handling bad weather, helicopter can slow down, stop or even fly backwards. With that kind of performance, it can also be flown across oceans, if additional fuel is made available by provided auxiliary tank.

Versatility? Check.

Despite its role as the quickest means of transportation when travelling 200 to 300 miles; compare to an airplane, a helicopter allows you to enjoy the sight better with its door to door capability. The most obvious advantage on riding a helicopter is simply reducing your traveling time from point to point, enabling you to run your business more effective and efficiently.

Boldness? Check.

Back in the 80's and 90's, the supercars were truly a rare beast. These days, equivalent to past glories are aeronautical rides; jets and helicopters. When you know how to work hard and play hard, go with helicopter which gives you that extra kick, streamlined as sedan, yet bold and versatile. With all these reasons, the decision couldn't be more clear-cut.

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