PT. Derazona Air Service, also known as Derazona Helicopters is a specialist in Utility Helicopter Service with exceptional record supporting Indonesia’s aerial demands for more than 40 years. We were established in 1971, under the provision of Air Operator Certificate 135-010. Since then we’ve had supported a multitude of missions in the wonderful exotic locations of Indonesia, from filming surfers among the beautiful islands of Mentawai all the way to supporting seismic survey activities deep within the jungles of Papua. As a member of Boedihardjo Group, it is our dream to interconnect all the different islands of Indonesia and make it accessible to everyone. Our vision is to serve and assist the customers to reach their goals safely.

Atty Boedimilyarti


Always remember what it feels like when you're up in the air. Soaring above, gazing at the most beautiful angle of the earth. Aeronautical experience has no contender; its history alone never stops to amaze us.

Ramadi Widyardiono

Manager of Business Development

Safety has always been our number one priority and today, Derazona is a result of quality-oriented development process.

Capt. Antun Martono

Manager of Operation

Derazona has a vision to be the helicopter service company with the vastest experience on Indonesian landscape, skillful pilots and the troubleshooter for every possible aerial situation.


  • To become a leading avition company, providing professional helicopter services (Helicopter Specialist)
  • To realize business activities with self supporting, reliable, transparent, competitive, efficient, and to encourage National potential and development


  • Due diligent, to follow and obey the prevailing National and International laws and regulations
  • To serve and assist the customer to achieve their goals safely
  • To assist the Government development project in oil and gas industry, tourism and developing isolated areas in the country
  • To raise welfare of all employees of the company to achieve higher quality of life
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